Fantasy Premier League

Live Mini-League Tables, League Selections, & More


FNTSY PL currently contains a few different tools.

  • Live Mini-League Table: Live league updates with Live Bonus + Auto-subs. Input your Mini-League ID to get live updates of who is playing and their point totals during a gameweek. League ID can be found in the URL of the League page on FPL. Only the top 150 teams in the League are considered.
  • Selections: Input your Mini-League ID to get a list of selected players for your league. League ID can be found in the URL of the League page on FPL. Compare your league ownership to overall ownership. Only the top 150 teams in the League are considered.
  • Stats: A comprehensive list of statistics at the individual player level. These statistics come from the FPL API except for VAPM which is calculated here. The next two fixtures for each player are also displayed and formatted based on difficulty (according to FPL).
  • Fixtures: An outline of upcoming fixtures based on difficulty. The formatting is sourced by the underlying numbers used by FPL. Home and Away form is taken into consideration. The Overall number is an equally weighted average among the number of fixtures selected in the Gameweeks dropdown.
  • My Team (BETA - still looking for feedback / ideas on this concept): A team planner for the next four gameweeks. Click players to turn their background green in order to plan a starting lineup. Click again to turn red to plan a transfer. Click a third time to reset. Future plans included incorporating budget and transfers.


FNTSY PL is free! There are no obligations, but if you want to contribute to keeping the lights on feel free to donate below.

Feedback / Requests

Submit feed back below or get in touch with us on Twitter @FNTSYPL. Thanks to all those that contributed in the change log below!
Leave contact info or Tweet at me if you want a response!


Change Log

  • SEPT.16.2018 : Finally cleaned up the last bug with Live Subs - taking this out of beta! Thanks to David Cotgrave for sending over the data I needed to find the bug!
  • MAR.03.2018 : Live Substitutions are now factored into the Live League Totals! Players that have been moved from the bench are in italics. This is in Beta and feedback is appreciated for bugs.
  • DEC.25.2017 : Bench Boost is now included in live total. Bug found by FML FPL!
  • DEC.23.2017 : Live Totals cleaned up. Bug found by /u/Trustme_I_lie and /u/Oggiva!
  • DEC.12.2017 : Changed Transfer Cost to show # of Transfers instead. Request by Uncle Brian!
  • DEC.12.2017 : Resolved Live Points sorting issues. Bug found by /u/NorwegianHammerworks!
  • DEC.08.2017 : Added Captain to Live table. Request by /u/Arcanium_TT and /u/beskaj!
  • DEC.02.2017 : Added Transfers to Live table. Does not work on mobile yet.
  • DEC.02.2017 : Added Live Bonus to Live table. Request by /u/xangto!
  • DEC.01.2017 : Added Live Rank to Live table next to Live Points. Request by /u/millssyyy!
  • NOV.25.2017 : Added My Team BETA. Request by /u/theequaliser72!